Here to EMPOWER the EMPATH to EXPRESS freely and honor their DUALITY while releasing society’s expectations and becoming deeply ROOTED and connected to SOUL, animals

~and the world around   within.



I’ve been an empath my whole life. It wasn’t until a few years ago when I realized that it was affecting my day-to-day life.


Looking Back Now,

I wasn’t taking care of myself and my energy. Have you ever felt that way? I worked in law enforcement relations for a top tech company reading about the darkest crimes of the internet all day everyday. With my years working in law enforcement relations, I formed a deeper understanding of people and their duality, seeing all wavelengths of the human spectrum. Riding the waves of these emotions and trauma constantly, I became so sick, tired, and drained. I had strayed so far away from myself - feeling depressed, anxious, fearful, in a constant fog. My therapist at the time asked me if I was an empath. She told me to read The Empath Survival Guide by Judith Orloff (highly recommend btw), and everything started to make sense for me. I had strayed so far from myself because I was holding the pain from the stories I was reading everyday in my body, mind, and spirit. I dove into understanding how empathy affects our emotional, physical, and energetic well-being. I became the expert in psychological and energetic empathy to better understand myself and all those around me.


Have you ever felt tuned into someone else’s energy and emotional waves, sometimes allowing it to impact your day or your own emotions?


It wasn't until after,

building a regimented empath healing practice, studying empath work in the spiritual and psychological sense, and creating my elevated empath practice, I was able to come back to myself and my soul, and embrace my duality in the process. I understood that in all the darkness I worked with at my job, it guided me towards my coaching practice and became a blessing. I discovered that just because I was an empath, it didn’t mean I had to be a people-pleaser. Just because I am sensitive doesn’t mean that I don’t have a wild strength. I came to learn that we are all empathic to some degree, we all absorb each other’s energy and emotions - the good, bad, and ugly - without even realizing it sometimes.

We all embody all wavelengths of the human spectrum. We all embody duality. Our external world often tells us to live a certain way, and we allow our external world to impact our lives and control our perspective of self.

I view coaching and the healing process,

as a holistic experience - working on the deep roots that have created who you are now, and also indulging, being creative, not having every healing journey experience look the same, making it wild, sexy, and graceful. Unleashing my duality and getting to the root of what my soul wanted liberated me from societal pressures of being a certain way, and in return nourished my soul. I committed my practice to help other empaths implement the tools *that transformed my life* to create healthy boundaries with self and others, and most importantly, to create the life your soul desires (you know, not the one everyone else wants you to live).

You're ready.



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